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    Divorce and custody are sensitive issues. When you are faced with important issues such as the division of assets, securing a property settlement, and custody, you require a law firm that has the experience to familylawassertively defend your personal interests. 

    The Domestic Relations attorneys of Huffman, Kelley, Brock & Gottschalk, LLC are mindful of the emotions that accompany a domestic relationship. We are here to provide you with emotional support and guidance through this difficult and trying time. We help you in understanding the legal process, work with you to determine what is best for you and your family, and council you through this challenging time.

    Communication is important to you in this unfamiliar circumstance. You will receive personalized, focused attention along with honest advice, to minimize your stress and avoid unnecessary conflict, while having your rights protected every step of the way.

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    Ohio Custody and Divorce 

    Custody, visitation, and shared parenting laws vary from state to state. We work side by side with you to achieve the results that you desire. The following pieces of information may be helpful if you are in the process or contemplating divorce.


    • • Ohio allows for a no-fault divorce, meaning wrongdoing by either party is not required for divorce.  
    • • The spouse filing for a divorce must be a resident of Ohio for at least 6 months.
    • • Ohio is an equitable distribution state. Property division is disbursed equally between the two parties, excluding items owned by the parties before marriage and other non-marital property.
    • • Spousal Support may be granted to either of the two parties. The decision for spousal support is based upon respective incomes, marriage duration, standard of living, and other factors. 
    • • Both parents are obliged to support children. Ohio child support is determined by the gross income of each parent. Child support is paid directly to the Department of Job and Family Services for their distribution to the receiving parent.
    • • When determining custody, the court will always keep in mind the best interest of the child. The court may order the child to live with a residential parent with visitation granted to the other parent, or for the child to split their time, in some fashion, between both parents. 

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