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Workers' Compensation

  • Workers’ Compensation is designed to reduce the need for litigation, and the need to prove an employer’s workersfault or an employee’s lack of negligence. Unfortunately the system does not always help the employee get full compensation, or allow the employee to recover 100% before returning to work. Often employees are encouraged by their employers to return to work before they are ready, or to not file a claim because their employer says “you’re an independent contractor.”

    There are several forms that must be filled out correctly and quickly following a work place injury, and neither your employer or the BWC is required to help you fill out those forms. Your employer’s premiums for Workers’ Compensation coverage, which are required by law, may increase significantly depending on the type of claim and the number of claims per year. Therefore, your employer may suggest you not file a claim, or chose to fight each and every claim to prevent future employees from even filing.

    Issues that may signal you need the assistance of an attorney:

    • • A Notice of Hearing is sent to you, indicating that some portion of your claim or the claim itself is being contested.
    • • Your employer tells you not to file a claim because they “don’t have Workers’ Compensation.”
    • • Your employer tells you “you aren’t covered because you are an independent contractor.”
    • • The employer or BWC rejects your claim, or denies your claim for lost wages.
    • • You are restricted to light duty, and your employer responds by saying “we don’t offer light duty.”
    • • You are unable to return to work, and miss more than seven days as a result of your injuries.
    • • Your employer doesn’t believe that you were hurt at work, and refuses to allow your claim.
    • • You are scheduled for a hearing with the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
    • • You have suffered a permanent and life-altering injury, or contracted a disease as a result of your employment.
    • • The doctor you’re seeing was recommended by your employer, and is telling you to go back to work before you feel you are ready.

    There are several legal loopholes that allow companies to take advantage of their employees when they are hurt at work, or injured as a result of their employment. Don’t be hurt twice by the same injury – let us review your case and advise you on how to proceed. We always put our client’s recovery, both physically and financially, at the forefront of our representation.

    Meet Our Workers' Compensation Attorneys:

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