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Probate - Adoptions & Guardianship


    Adoption adoption

    In addition to estate planning, Probate Court also oversees adoptions and guardianship. Our probate attorneys have great respect for the families and individuals involved in these events.

    Our attorneys assist both birth mothers and prospective families in the ultimate goal of providing a loving home for a child through adoption.

    Birth Mothers

    If you are considering placing your child for adoption, our probate attorneys are here to support you every step of the way. We respect the needs of each birth mother's wish to have full to little involvement in choosing a potential family for your child.  We will support you through an open adoption, closed adoption, or a uniquely prepared adoption both in state or out of state.

    Prospective families are thoroughly investigated for any issue that would prevent them from providing a safe home for your child.  We work with you, to determine the proper placement of your child in a suitable environment.  As the birth mother, you can choose the family and degree of openness.  Birth mothers also have all medical expenses paid, living expenses paid, and attorney services are free. If you're expecting and have questions about adoption call 419-303-0538 for answers 24 hours a day.

    Adoptive Families

    The decision to adopt a child is an admirable, life-changing gift to your family, as well as to the child and birth mother. The adoption process can be emotional and overwhelming. Our attorneys are here to guide and support you through every aspect of adoption.


    A guardian is a person appointed with the legal authority to act in the best interest of another who is incapable of caring for him or herself; whether it is a minor child or adult, or due to incapability or disability.

    If a loved one requires the designation of a guardian, the probate attorneys of Huffman, Kelley, Brock & Gottschalk, LLC are available to provide you with the assistance in the legal guardianship proceedings.



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